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Cup Holder

This Center Consul was custom designed for a Peterbilt made from two different kinds of wood the lighter is Granadio it has a sweet smelling aroma when cut the darker is Black Wood. Peterbilt Center Consul design specifically for 1 Litre bottles
SKU: PB0101 Price: $325 plus shipping

Peterbilt Center Piece

Peterbilt Large Center Piece made from Plywood. Chose your stain color and be rid of smudges in the rug. A cup holder can be installed on it.
SKU: PB0C01 Price: $275 plus shipping

Peterbilt Floor Package

This is a 3 pc Peterbilt Floor Package made from Black Wood This wood has been cut into 2 inch strips then glue joint cut so the width of each stick is 1-13/16 inch coverage. Then hand graded each individual piece to make it match in the floor.
The Wood is professionally kiln dried with a USA design and manufactured kiln dryer. So perfect very low moisture content is reached before manufacturing.
SKU: PBFP01 Price: $5999.95 plus shipping